Shall we get in touch ? I actually live in the very center of Paris. For traditional mail, please use my home address : 129 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris, France. My photographic studio is located in Les Lilas, only 10 minutes north east from Paris in a distinctive red brick industrial building which used to host a paint factory. Please feel free to contact me :

+33 6 82 42 23 10


Antoine Duhamel Portrait © Farid Karioty

© Farid Karioty


Welcome !

Thanks for your interest in browsing my website.

My name’s Antoine Duhamel, I am a photographer specialized in architecture, arts and design.


The “Work” section presents a selection of photographs I realized for architects, engineers, designers, artists and museums across the universe.

“On the Road” is an ongoing portfolio of images I’ve been shooting while on travel for photography, experiencing my ideas on composition through street views and, sometimes, portraits.


Each photograph aims, thanks to an advantageous, precise lighting and a clear composition, to enhance the foremost design features of the project, to valorize its construction techniques and materials, in order to provide designers with a striking, permanent record of their work.

Conveying the designer’s intentions into a still image implies a perfect awareness of his philosophy.  For this reason, as a first approach to a new project, I’m always inclined to share ideas and review plans, sketches and renderings.  This awareness, together with a sensitivity to sciences and a detailed knowledge of architecture, arts and communication, provides a common ground for producing striking and long-lasting images.

This experienced method offers me to work closely with the most innovative firms of the present and the future.

Intending to provide high-quality images with accuracy for all of the designer’s uses (publications, exhibitions, …), my work includes a professional service of retouching and post-production.


Each of the projects on this website gave occasion to numerous publications and exhibitions.



Æ Project workshop, Taste Festival Berlin, group exhibition, Direktorenhaus, Berlin, june 2012

AIA Made In New York, West 4th Street Subway Station, group exhibition, New York, September 2010

Migrant Territories, Relegation and Appropriation in Hong Kong Public Spaces, personal exhibition with texts by Nicolas Douay, Symposium “The city: identity, exchange and esthetic territory, Latin America – Africa – Asia”, Institut national d’histoire de l’art, Paris, june 2010

Allouagne – Paris – Shangai, a fantastic reality, personal exhibition, City council, Allouagne, september 2010

Fotografia Digitale : Il Dubbio dell’Immagine, group exhibition, Varese, 2004

Photographs of the Biennale, group exhibition, Palazzo della Biennale, Venezia, 2002.

La Linea Gialla, short film, Duomo subway station, Milano, 2002



Baccarat: Two Hundred and Fifty Years by Murray Moss and Laurence Benaim (ed. Rizzoli)

Transport Facilities by Carlos Broto (ed. Linksbooks)

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